Spinach & Feta Frittata

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Delicious vegetarian quiche without the crust!


4 minutes

Prep time

30 minutes

Cook time

301 cal.

Per serving


Oven, Round baking dish


Milk (whole)

Step 1

Preheat the oven to 425°F. Crack the eggs into a bowl. Season with salt & pepper. Beat the eggs with a whisk or fork.

Spinach (fresh)
Feta cheese (block)

Step 2

Add the spinach & crumbled feta.

Spinach (fresh)
Feta cheese (block)
Dill (fresh)

Step 3

Grease a round baking dish or skillet. Pour the egg-milk mixture into the dish. Top with fresh dill (optional). Bake for 20-30 min, or until the eggs have set.

Step 4

Allow to cool slightly before slicing. Enjoy!

Nutrition facts

Average estimated amount for one serving

Energy301 cal.
Fat24 g
Carbohydrates2 g
Protein20 g
Fiber0.2 g

On average, one serving of the recipe "Spinach & Feta Frittata" contains 301 Energy, 24 g of Fat, 2 g of Carbohydrates, 20 g of Protein, 0.2 g of Fiber.

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Spinach & Feta Frittata
Very easy