How To Season Steak 

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What's better than a juicy steak with the perfect seasoning? Read here to learn how to season steak and explore our easy recipes.

There is a time and a place for everything. Some days call for light treats as an afternoon snack. On other days, you might find yourself craving warm, cozy soup.

These foods all have their place in your life. However, there's nothing like a perfectly-cooked steak with seasoning to make your mouth water. If you want to learn to cook steak for your household, know that it doesn't have to be a challenge! 

You can prepare the perfect steak by learning how to season this meat well, regardless of the cut of meat you choose, whether a ribeye steak, a porterhouse, or a t-bone. 

Why Should You Season Steak?

One of the primary reasons to season your steak is because it enhances the flavor of the meat. Without seasoning, you may enjoy some of your beef's natural flavor, but it won't be the same as when you include herbs, kosher salt, and spices. 

Many people make the mistake of under-seasoning their meat, leaving them with a bland taste. When seasoning meat, keep in mind that it's difficult to overdo it. You'll want to add more than you think is necessary to ensure your steak tastes juicy and bursts with flavor.

What Seasoning To Use for Steak

When you're seasoning steak, you'll notice that you have a few primary options: steak marinade, dry-rub seasoning, or compound butter. All can help you make the best steak you’ve ever had.


As you might have guessed, a marinade is a glaze that coats the meat and soaks into it over time. Your marinade might include BBQ sauce, olive oil, soy sauce, and many other ingredients.  

Dry Rubs

On the other hand, a dry rub is a mixture of herbs, salt, and spices covering the beef without any liquid. After your cut of steak is finished grilling or smoking, you'll notice a crispy outer layer on your meat from the steak rub.

How do you know what seasoning to use for your dry rub? Here are a few well-loved seasonings you can include in a spice blend to enhance the taste of your steak:

Once you've chosen your mix of spices, mix them in a bowl. Next, rub your seasoning on all sides of the steaks for at least a half-hour before cooking.

Compound Butter

If you’re really looking to up the flavor profile on your steak, you can also make compound butter. This mixture of softened butter often includes other ingredients like fresh herbs, garlic, and lemon, and it adds serious flavor to a good steak. 

Do You Season Steak Before or After Cooking?

In general, season your steak beforehand. You might add a bit more salt and pepper after cooking, but most of the flavor is infused before the steak hits the grill. 

When you're preparing to cook steak, when should you season your meat? The answer depends on how much time you have. We get that not everyone has hours to spend on meal preparation. Still, if you're the type of person who thrives in the kitchen, you might have the extra time to devote to steak seasoning.

In short, you should season your steak around 45 minutes before cooking it. However, if you've got extra time to devote, you can season your meat and let it begin absorbing the flavor as much as twenty-four hours before you plan to cook it.

Nutrition Facts About Steak

Are you someone who loves steak? You might want to know a few facts about steak's nutrition. Here are a few highlights:

Tips for Cooking Steak

While the way you prepare your steak obviously depends on the specific recipe, there are some pointers that will help you along the way. 

First, make sure your meat is at room temperature before you begin to cook it. Factor this into your prep time so you can ensure even doneness when you’re cooking. 

If you’re cooking your steak on the stovetop, you might want to make use of a cast iron pan on high heat to really get a good sear. 

Seven Ways To Prepare Steak

Are you the type of person who loves perfecting their dishes? If so, you might be looking for new steak recipes you can master for dinner guests or weekend parties. 

If you're new to cooking steak, there's nothing to fear! We've put together a list of steak recipes that are straightforward and easy to execute. You can choose the recipe that works for your family and enjoy the results of your cooking!

Steak and Butternut Purée

Combining unlikely food can result in delightful flavor medleys. Our steak and butternut purée is no exception! Treat yourself to this fancy steak dinner next time you have something to celebrate.

Steak and Caramelized Onion Gravy

This savory-sweet recipe will satisfy you with every bite. Try delicious caramelized onions over juicy steak on a bed of rice. You can make this recipe in under thirty minutes, making this your new go-to.

Flank Steak and Green Beans

Keeping your meals simple doesn't mean keeping them bland. This steak and green beans recipe doesn't take long to make, and it's full of a buttery, shallot-y essence. 

Salisbury Steak and Mashed Potatoes

Are you a fan of Salisbury steak? You don't have to wait until you visit a restaurant to enjoy this dish. You can follow our recipe to prepare a mouth-watering Salisbury steak with creamy mashed potatoes.

Pesto Steak and Summer Veggies

Here's one way to add more seasoning to your steaks! Combining hearty steak with fresh summer vegetables and pesto can transform your typical steak. 

Mediterranean Steak Wrap

It's never too late to try making Mediterranean food for the first time! Our recipe makes it easier than ever. You'll also love how fast you can make this wrap. You can go from preparation to enjoying your first bite in ten minutes.

Cauliflower Steak

You don't have to miss out on steak if you follow a meatless diet. Our cauliflower steak is simple and perfectly seasoned to offer you a brilliant meat alternative. 

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