Our vision, our values

In 2016, Jacques became a father and his life completely changed.

All of a sudden, once he had a little being to care for, he looked at food very differently. He wanted to feed his children from home with the best quality, healthiest, unprocessed products, but he also wanted to do so quickly and easily.

While eating is enjoyable, and cooking can be, grocery shopping will most likely remain a chore:

  • On average, people spend 1.5 hours shopping every week, whether in a store or online. It takes time to walk up and down the aisles or choose products online one-by-one
  • Grocery shopping is backwards: most of the time, we buy before we even think about what we are going to cook, only to end up running out of an ingredient.
  • Every night, we ask ourselves the eternal question: "What's for dinner tonight?" And we end up relying on 3-4 "magic" recipes that we repeat week after week after week.

Jacques realized he needed a service that could do it all: inspire new recipes, do the grocery shopping in seconds, and then provide instruction for those meals. The one and only goal: free up your time so you can spend more time enjoying a delicious meal with family, friends, or just with yourself!

The JOW adventure started when Jacques and three fellow ex-colleagues from Canal+ (the French HBO) decided to build this service in the hopes of improving the daily life of millions of French people.


At JOW, our mission is help you eat better, waste less and consume more responsibly. We want you to get back to what’s essential: more time with our family and friends enjoying good, nourishing food.


At JOW, our ideal world is one in which we spend more time enjoying a good meal with our loved ones and less time shopping. One in which we find pleasure in cooking (or learning to cook!), where we reduce the frequency of lukewarm delivered meals and the consumption of fast food.

What we eat represents who we are, our health and our impact on the environment. We want to help you consider your health and the health of our planet as top priorities in your food consumption. With JOW, we're making simple, healthy food, accessible to everyone while also lowering food waste on an individual level.

JOW is not a program or a diet; JOW is your daily companion to help you take care of yourself and your loved ones and allow for more time to enjoy food.

At JOW, we believe everyone can take action to repair and build a brighter future.