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Best Cherry Tomato-Burrata Pizza

Imagine the burst of juicy cherry tomatoes paired with creamy burrata atop a golden, crispy crust. That's the magic of cherry tomato-burrata pizza, a dish that dances between simplicity and gourmet delight. Whether it’s for an impromptu family dinner or to impress your friends at a weekend gathering, this pizza promises to be both comforting and sophisticated. And don't worry about pleasing everyone; Jow has got you covered with variations galore! From gluten-free doughs to vegan cheese alternatives, there's room for every preference under this cheesy umbrella. So roll up those sleeves—let’s dive into crafting pizzas that will have everyone reaching for another slice (or two!).

About Cherry Tomato-Burrata Pizza

This dish is celebrated for its balance of the sweet, bursting cherry tomatoes with the rich, velvety burrata cheese—a combination that elevates the traditional pizza experience. It's perfect for those who appreciate fresh ingredients and enjoy a meal that's both rustic and refined. Ideal for any time of day, it can be served as a main course at dinner or enjoyed as an indulgent lunch.

The allure of this pizza lies in its simplicity; each ingredient shines through without overpowering the others. The tangy pesto base provides an herby backdrop to the sweetness of tomatoes, while olive oil adds depth with its fruity notes. A sprinkle of salt and pepper enhances these natural flavors just before baking to perfection in a hot oven—creating that irresistible golden crust.

This versatile dish can be tailored to suit various occasions, whether it’s casual dining al fresco or part of an elegant spread at a dinner party. Its visual appeal—with pops of red from tomatoes against the creamy white burrata—makes it as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the palate.

For those seeking comfort food with gourmet flair or simply looking to impress guests with minimal effort, cherry tomato-burrata pizza stands out as an excellent choice. It invites diners into an experience where every bite offers something to savor: from juicy bursts to smooth finishes—all wrapped up in one delectable package.

Types of Cherry Tomato-Burrata Pizza

The classic combination of sweet cherry tomatoes and creamy burrata can be adapted using Jow's flexible approach to meal planning.

For those who prefer a gluten-free option, swapping out the traditional pizza dough with a gluten-free base ensures that the flavors remain intact without compromising on dietary restrictions. This simple substitution allows everyone to enjoy the dish's delightful contrast between the tangy burst of tomatoes and the smooth richness of burrata.

Vegetarians already have much to love with this recipe, but vegans can also partake by replacing burrata with vegan cheese alternatives such as cashew-based cheeses or store-bought vegan mozzarella. These plant-based options melt beautifully in the oven, offering a similar texture and indulgence.

If you're looking to reduce calories without sacrificing taste, consider using a thinner crust or whole wheat dough which provides more fiber and nutrients. Additionally, opt for smaller amounts of low-fat cheese substitutes that still deliver creaminess but with fewer calories.

For those watching their sodium intake, choose low-sodium pesto or make your own at home where you can control the amount of salt added. Pairing it with fresh herbs like basil not only enhances flavor naturally but also adds an aromatic freshness that complements both tomatoes and cheese perfectly.

Personalizing your pizza could mean drizzling it with balsamic reduction after baking for an extra zing or adding arugula before serving for peppery notes and added greens. Whatever personal touches you add, Jow encourages experimentation in pursuit of your perfect version of this beloved dish.

Tips and Tricks for Making Cherry Tomato-Burrata Pizza

Here are some tips and tricks to help you master this dish:

  • Begin with the base: A good quality pizza dough sets the stage for your toppings. If you're making it from scratch, allow enough time for it to rise, which can add a delightful lightness to your crust.

  • Pesto perfection: When spreading pesto on your dough, be sure not to overload it. A thin layer will infuse every bite with herby goodness without making the base soggy.

  • Tomato technique: Halving baby tomatoes not only makes them easier to eat but also allows their juices to caramelize in the oven, intensifying their sweetness.

  • Burrata bliss: Add burrata after baking so that it retains its creamy texture. Tearing it into pieces rather than slicing ensures an artful presentation and even distribution.

  • Seasoning secrets: A judicious sprinkle of salt and pepper before baking enhances natural flavors; remember that less is more as both pesto and burrata contain salt.

  • Olive oil nuances: Drizzle high-quality olive oil for a fruity finish that complements both tomatoes and cheese beautifully.

Remember, personal touches make this dish uniquely yours—experiment with different herbs or a balsamic glaze drizzle post-baking for added depth of flavor. With these tips in hand, you're well on your way to creating a mouthwatering masterpiece that's sure to delight any palate!


Can I make Cherry Tomato-Burrata Pizza ahead of time?

Absolutely, you can! However, since burrata is at its best when fresh, I recommend preparing the pizza dough and cherry tomatoes ahead of time, and then adding the burrata right before serving for that ultimate ooey-gooey cheese pull that we all, not-so-secretly, live for! Just bake your crust with the tomatoes and pesto, and once out of the oven, tear up that burrata and invite it to the party. This way, you'll still have that majestic, Instagrammable moment when it hits the table, and your taste buds will thank you for the fresh cheese experience.

What's the best way to store leftovers?

Here comes the tricky part—burrata's creamy nature doesn't take well to the rigors of refrigeration post-meeting with a hot oven. If you do find yourself with leftovers, cover them with plastic wrap or place them in an airtight container and store them in the refrigerator. When reheating, try to do so in a hot oven just until the pizza is warm to help retain some of that original melty goodness. Just remember, it's like rewatching a good movie—it's still pretty great, but nothing beats the first time!

Is there a recommended type of cherry tomato for this pizza?

Oh, we are playing favorites now, aren't we? Well, when it comes to tomatoes, every shade has its own stage. You can go for the classic red cherry tomatoes that bring a sweet and familiar flavor or mix it up with heirloom varieties for a rainbow of tastes and colors. As long as they're ripe and bursting with flavor, your taste buds are in for a treat. Go wild at your local market or even your garden and mix different types for a pizza that's as vibrant in flavor as it is in appearance!

How do I achieve a crispy crust at home?

Crispy crust lovers, unite! The secret to achieving that crunch in your bite is a nice hot oven—an ambush of heat, if you will. Preheat your oven to the temperature specified in your recipe, or if you dare to push the envelope, crank it up to the max setting for a short blast of heat. You can also use a preheated pizza stone, or if your kitchen is absent of such tools, a heavy baking sheet would also serve you well. Remember, a great crust is all about that initial hot embrace—the kind of warmth that says, "welcome to the party, dough!"

Any suggestions for customizing this pizza for different dietary needs?

Worry not, dear reader! In the world of pizza, there is room for everyone at the table. For gluten-free folks, swap in your favorite gluten-free pizza base. Vegan? There are marvelous non-dairy cheese alternatives out there that can mimic the creaminess of burrata. And for those watching their calorie intake, try a thin crust and sprinkle just a handful of low-fat cheese instead. Add more veggies or perhaps some arugula, spinach, or kale for a healthier twist. The beauty of pizza is its flexibility—like yoga for your taste buds!

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