The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Kids to Cook

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Are your kids always trying to help you out in the kitchen while you’re cooking or baking? That’s a sure sign that you’ve got some chefs in the making on your hands.

Even when they’re very young, some kids display a natural knack for food prep. If you’re lucky enough to be the parent of an aspiring cook or baker, you’ve got to nurture that talent! This post is all about teaching your kids to cook – where to start, simple recipes to try out, and how to set some solid rules for kitchen etiquette.

Start With Food Safety

Once your kids are old enough to hang out in the kitchen with you and do their own thing, it’s the perfect time to teach them about food safety.

Knowing how to handle raw ingredients, understanding the basics of safely using utensils, and keeping your hands clean are all food prep essentials that kids can pick up at a young age. When your kids reach their early elementary school years, they’re most likely ready for a crash course in food safety.

Some of the basic points to cover when explaining food safety to your kids are:

There you have it – the kid-friendly rules of food safety! These points are a great place to start with teaching your kids to cook. You can even write them down and pin them to your fridge for an extra reminder.

What Can My Toddler Do in the Kitchen?

If you have a child who is between three and five years old, they’re still welcome in a safe, supervised kitchen environment. While toddlers may not be quite old enough to hold their own with the more complex elements of food prep, there’s still plenty that you can include your youngsters in while you cook or bake. 

When your toddler is in the kitchen, try including them in the fun by inviting them to:

What Can My Six to Ten Year Old Do in the Kitchen?

Once your kids are a little older, they’re ready to start handling more complex food prep tasks. If you have a child who’s between six and eight, they’re ready to:

Older Kids

Once your kids reach nine or ten, they’re ready to start doing some cooking food prep on their own. However, there are still some tasks that you’ll want to be in the kitchen for, including:

Want to Find Some Great Recipes for You and Your Kids?

If you’re looking for fun (and delicious) meals to make with your kids’ help, make sure to check out