10 Food Resolutions and Healthy Habits for 2023

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If you’re like us (the Jow team!), sometimes you set goals and then forget about them (oops!). We’ve realized that we’re much better at sticking to our resolutions if they’re simple and straightforward.

According to the USDA, Americans spend 67 minutes a day eating and drinking - and that doesn’t include the prep and clean up 😵‍💫

 Setting just one kitchen-related goal can impact your life (and the planet!) in a big way. Choosing one to start with will help you feel motivated and able to keep it, and then you can add on new ones as the year progresses! We encourage you to choose one of these kitchen-related goal for 2023! 

Resolution 1: Meal plan (but actually)

Meal planning is a lot of work (planning anything is a lot of work). This is one of the reasons we made Jow. The Jow app does all of the tricky parts for you. 

While it may seem counterintuitive, meal planning will actually ultimately save you time because the daily “what do we eat” questions is taken out of the equation. Additionally, you’ll end up saving money because you’ll focus on buying what you’re actually planning to eat (vs buying a bag of spinach and watching it wilt. RIP baby spinach).

Choose this resolution if you spend too much time thinking about “what should we eat” every day 🤓

Resolution 2: Eat what’s in season 

It may seem simple, but that’s because it is: eating what’s in season is better for the planet! This is because ingredients grown in their appropriate season use less resources to grow abundantly and often involve far less transportation from different climates. And as if that’s not enough, in-season produce usually tastes better and has more nutrients because it is fresher. 

There are a lot of ways to do this resolution, but it’s easier to stick to if you have a defined plan. Commit to eating at least one “in season” recipe a week, or only eating in-season produce at lunch time! 

We actually recommend in-season recipes in the Jow app. When our super smart algorithm creates your menu for you, you can select from in-season recipes and easily find ones that take advantage of the best seasonal produce. A win for your tastebuds and the earth!

Choose this resolution if you want to expand your food horizons while also helping the planet! 🚀

Resolution 3: Start composting

Composting is so good for the world and it’s actually really easy to do (even if you live in an apartment). 

If you’re new to composting, it’s simple: instead of throwing away food scraps, you place them in a sealed container to decompose naturally. When the food breaks down, it ends up looking sort of like garden soil… and that’s where it goes! 

Compost feeds all of the important tiny critters that are vital to our planet and helps your plants grow and thrive. 

Psst…if you’re looking to “go big or go home”, Lomi makes great composting bins ;-)

Choose this resolution if you have a yard, garden, or are a self-proclaimed crazy plant lady 🪴

Resolution 4: Organize your recipes once and for all

Those loose pieces of paper with recipes on them in every random drawer or stuck in a pile of papers on your desk.

We’re not gonna lie… this happens to the best of us here at Jow. That’s one of the reasons we developed the My Personal Recipes feature! This feature is the perfect way to store all of your recipes (and easily share them with friends and family when they ask!). 

The coolest part is that you can also order your own recipes in the Jow app too 👍

Choose this resolution if you are the person who has recipes in drawers, cubbies, bookmarks, and everywhere in between 📙

Resolution 5: Invest in reusable baggies

We admit it, single-use sandwich baggies are really really handy. They also pile up in the trash really quickly. If you’re someone who packs lunches or snacks (for yourself or others), using even one a day adds up to hundreds a year 😱

While there’s no shame in the baggie game (we don’t judge!), there are benefits to investing in reusable sandwich bags! 

It is a higher cost up front, but reusable sandwich bags will save you money in the long run and also make planet Earth smile. If you’re looking for a starting point, we like Public Goods, Stasher, and Bee’s Wrap :-) 

Choose this resolution if you are looking for a sustainability based resolution 🌎

Resolution 6: Opt for vegan meals once a week

We have all kinds of eaters here at Jow: meat-eaters, veggies, vegans, gluten free, etc. Eating a vegan-based diet is something that comes up in conversation a lot, here at Jow and in our personal lives. 

This happens for a lot of reasons - one of them being that having a vegan-diet has a positive impact on the environment. Nowadays, there are vegan alternatives to pretty much everything that are tasty and relatively easy to find. 

Maybe you’ve always been curious about exploring vegan recipes or are looking to try something new. Opting to go vegan one day a week (or even one meal a week!) is a fun way to try it! Check out our menu of easy vegan favorites for a start :)

Choose this resolution if you’re curious about veganism and want to positively impact the globe 🥦

Resolution 7: Master a recipe or style of cooking

Does anyone else feel like the people who learned to make bread over the pandemic looked like they were having a lot of fun? We want in on that! 

If you ask anybody what they wish they were better at cooking or baking, they likely have an answer right away. This is a resolution waiting to happen. 

Want to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie? Sourdough bread? Handmade pasta? What’s stopping you? :-) We've got lots of great recipes for beginners at Jow, like our homemade gnocchi recipe!

Choose this resolution if you want to learn a new skill this year! 💪

Resolution 8: Use a reusable water bottle

Plastic water bottles. We all know the impact that they have on our planet (and it ain’t good). While we’re not judging anybody for using bottled water (clean water still isn’t easily accessible in some parts of the country), if you have the option, switching to a reusable water bottle is a great way to 1) stay hydrated and 2) help minimize the amount of plastic in the world. 

Many places (both public and private) have water bottle refill stations that are free. In addition to a water bottle, you can also invest in a water filter for your kitchen sink or a refillable water pitcher with a filter. 

Choose this resolution if you need to drink more water 🐃 (This is the first emoji that came up when I typed in “water”. It’s a water buffalo) 

Resolution 9: Shift to a use-what-you-have mindset

Remember when we said RIP baby spinach? Ok, well also RIP zucchini, RIP bell peppers, and RIP mushrooms too 💀

We all buy produce with the best intentions, but sometimes we just forget it’s there. Jow helps with this in two ways:

  1. Our advanced algorithm suggests recipes to you and then only orders the quantities you need for said-meals (think of it like a meal kit, but without all that packaging and shipping waste or hefty subscription prices). 
  2. You can search by ingredient in our recipe catalog! Have mushrooms that need to be used today? Just type "mushroom" in the search bar and find one to try tonight! 

This is you in 2023: wasting less food + saving money + eating what you buy!

Choose this resolution if you end up throwing out food because it’s gone bad 🧘

Resolution 10: Cook more at home

Whether you’re thinking about saving money or eating healthier, cooking more at home kills two birds with one stone. 

At Jow, we focus on simple recipes with 6 or less ingredients, in under 30 minutes of your time actually spent in the kitchen. Cooking at home should be easy and fun and we want to help you feel confident while doing it. 

Ready? :-)

Choose this resolution if you want to eat healthier and save money 💸

A New Year’s Resolution doesn’t have to be glitzy or extravagant. In fact, it’s usually the small changes that make the greatest impacts in our lives. Which resolution will you choose for 2023? One of these, or something else? We’d love to know :-) 

Share which goal you're choosing and tag us on social media with #JowResolutions! (IG: @jow_us)

Oh, and Happy New Year 🧡