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Who doesn't love tiramisu?


15 minutes

Prep time

3 hours

Resting time

302 cal.

Per serving


Whisk, Electric hand mixer, Aluminum foil, Sheet Tray



Step 1

In 2 small bowls, separate the egg yolks from the whites.

Sugar (granulated)
Vanilla extract

Step 2

Add the sugar & vanilla to the yolks. Whisk until the mixture starts to thicken.


Step 3

Add the mascarpone & continue mixing.


Step 4

Add the amaretto (optional).


Step 5

Add a pinch of salt to the egg whites. Beat or whisk until they form stiff peaks.


Step 6

Pour the egg yolk-mascarpone mixture into a large bowl. Slowly fold in the egg whites, using a spatula.

Lady fingers
Coffee (brewed)

Step 7

Pour the coffee into a small bowl. Quickly dip the ladyfingers into the coffee. Then layer half the ladyfingers in a large baking dish or a trifle bowl.

Lady fingers

Step 8

Pour half the mascarpone mousse over the ladyfingers. Spread using a spatula. Add a second layer of ladyfingers, then another layer of mousse.

Step 9

Cover the tiramisu with plastic wrap. Chill in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours. Tip: Overnight is better.

Cocoa powder

Step 10

Remove the tiramisu just before serving & dust with cocoa powder. Enjoy!

Nutrition facts

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Energy302 cal.
Fat12 g
Carbohydrates42 g
Protein6 g
Fiber1 g

Values are based on an average estimate for one serving. All nutrition information presented on Jow is intended for informational purposes only. If you have any concerns or questions about your health, please consult with a health-care professional.

On average, one serving of the recipe "Tiramisu" contains 302 Energy, 12 g of Fat, 42 g of Carbohydrates, 6 g of Protein, 1 g of Fiber.