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⏰ When will my order be ready for pickup?


Your order will be ready for pickup during the pickup window you selected at checkout in Jow. You don't need to wait for a text message or email. You can check your order status by viewing your order details in the H-E-B app or the website.

If you miss your pickup time, the store will gladly hold your products until the end of the day. If you can’t pick up your order on your scheduled pickup day, your shopper will call you to reschedule your pickup.

​For Kroger

Your time slot is a one-hour window in which you can arrive to pick up your groceries. If you cannot pick up your order on the scheduled date, the items in your order will be restocked in the store, and you'll need to place your order again.

Please refer to your preferred grocer for any additional assistance regarding order pickup.

👥 Can someone else pick up my order?

For HEB users, yes, someone else may pick up your order. Please be sure they know the name on the order and the order number.

For Kroger users, in addition to the name and order number, they would just need to provide a valid ID for any age-restricted items.

🛻 How do I pick up my order at the store?

Once your order is placed, all communications will occur between you and your grocer, regardless of whether you've checked out with Jow.

For HEB users

  • Check-in by texting 99147

    1. When you arrive at the store, follow the “Curbside” arrows in the parking lot.

    2. Park in a designated curbside parking spot.

    3. Text your parking spot code to 99147.

    4. Get ready for the curbside team to bring you your groceries!

  • Check-in using the My H-E-B app

    1. When you arrive at the store, follow the Curbside arrows in the parking lot.

    2. Park in a designated curbside parking spot.

    3. Open the My H-E-B app on your phone and a prompt will appear to check in for your curbside order. Tap I’m here.

    4. Enter the letter(s) from the parking spot to check in. You’ll receive a confirmation message.

    5. A curbside partner will bring out your groceries soon!

For Kroger users

  • When you arrive at your store, follow the signs to the Pickup area and park in one of the marked spaces.

  • Next, scan the QR code on the sign to let the Pickup associates know you’ve arrived.

  • An associate will bring your order out and load it into your vehicle, then you can be on your way!

TIP: If you’re using the app, turn location services on. Our associates will automatically be notified when you’ve arrived!

For Instacart users

  • For most stores, there’s no need to go into the store to pick up your order—just park in one of the dedicated Pickup parking spots and wait while we bring your order out to your car. At some select locations, you may need to pick up your order inside. However, we’ll always provide store-specific instructions for your order before you arrive.

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