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🧡 Create a Jow account

To get the best and true Jow experience, we recommend that you log in with the account for your grocery store. That way, you can have your cake and eat it too (or, in other words, create shopping lists, check-out and buy your groceries).

You can also log in to Jow with your Facebook, Google, or Apple account.

✏️ Modify My Account

To make a change to your preferences or personal information, go to your Jow account:

Modify in the app: Tap on the profile icon (it’s a little person!), then choose what you’d like to edit.

Modify on the Jow website: Hover over your name in the top right hand corner and choose what you’d like to edit.

To change or edit on your email address or password, go to your supermarket’s website. If you change your email address, please contact us at in order to be able to retrieve the orders from your account attached to the old address.

If you wish to delete your account then please send us an email at

🔔 Manage my contact preferences (Notifications, emails, newsletters)

To be kept up to date with the latest recipes and features, subscribe to our Newsletter :-)

To sign up for the Jow Newsletter, go to My account > Personal info > Contact preferences then check the boxes of the Newsletters you’d like to receive.

Uncheck any boxes you no longer wish to receive.

✨Magic ✨

You can also manage your notification preferences from this section.

🥜 How do I update my dislikes/allergies?

We’re always trying to improve Jow and are currently working on expanding our ingredients to be excluded. If you have a dislike or allergy, you can add it by going to your profile (the little person icon!), then clicking “Dislikes” at the top of the page. Find the ingredient you want to add or remove.

⚠️ Note: If you are allergic to peanuts, for example, we will not select recipes with peanuts in them for your personalized menu. However, you will still be able to search for and find recipes with peanuts in them on the Jow app, so make sure you check the ingredients of all recipes.

🔒How to change my password

You can change your password by going to the grocery provider’s website that you linked with your Jow account and following their steps.

🖥️ How to change my email address

Love the boldness. You can change your email address by going to the grocery provider’s website that you linked with your Jow account and following their steps.

🧑‍🍳 How to add or remove kitchen equipment

You can add or remove kitchen equipment (like slow cookers, blenders, etc.) by going to your account settings (the little person icon). Once there, click on the little oven in the top navigation bar and you’ll be able to add or remove kitchen equipment.

🏬 How to Create a Kroger Account to Connect with Jow

In order to link your Kroger account with Jow, you'll need to first create a Kroger account!

Note: If you already have a Kroger account, in order to integrate with Jow, you cannot use the Google social login offered through Kroger. You will need to log in to Kroger through an email address and password, not by attaching it to your Google login.

To create a new Kroger account, you will need an email address and a Loyalty ID Number. If you don't have one, you can create one when you create a Kroger account! This Loyalty Number is free and helps you get the best savings at your Kroger or Kroger-owned stores.

Creating an account is super easy. Just follow the prompts and if you have any issues creating one, please reach out to Kroger's customer service.

👀 Can anyone see the personal recipes I add?

Nope! Your recipes are private by default and can only be seen by you.

However, you can share your recipes with anyone you'd like and they will be able to see them!

Once you do this, your recipe will be visible to them, as well as anyone they share it with in the future.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 How do I share my personal recipe?

Sharing your personal recipe is easy :-)

The personal recipes that you add to Jow are completely private and can only be seen by you... unless you share them! Sharing the link to your recipe allows your friends and family to favorite your recipe and even order it through the Jow app.

To easily find your recipe, tell your friends & family to add your recipe to their favorites when you share it with them.

To share your recipe:

  • Your recipe must be complete: all areas of the recipe must be completed including an uploaded photo, instructions, servings, ingredients, etc.

  • To share, go to the recipe page and share via the "Share" button under the recipe title!

  • Select how you'd like to share your recipe!

  • Tell your friends and family members to favorite the recipe to save it!

  • That's it :-)

🔎 Where can I find my personal recipe after ordering it from Jow?

There are a few ways to find your recipe! After you order your personal recipe through Jow, you can find your recipe in the section "Time to cook" (this is the second icon on the bottom of the screen in the mobile app).

You'll find the personal recipes you have ordered here, as well as any Jow recipes! Let's get cookin' 🥓

🛒 How do I order my personal recipes?

You can order your own recipe just like any Jow recipe! Here's how:

When selecting recipes from our catalog, once you upload a personal recipe you'll see a new section appear called "My recipes". You will find all of your uploaded recipes there and you can then add your personal recipe to your menu!

Jow will automagically add all of the necessary ingredients (in the quantities-needed) to your cart. Just like any Jow recipe, if you already have an ingredient at home, you can delete it from your cart before checking out.

We're pretttttttyyyyyy excited about it 👍

🍳👧 How do I create a recipe?

You can upload your own recipes by going to your Jow profile and clicking on "My personal recipes"

All you have to do is fill in the required information like: recipe title, ingredients, instructions, photo, measurement, etc. :-)


🌽 What do I do if an ingredient in my recipe doesn't exist in the Jow app? :-(

No worries! If an ingredient needed for your personal recipe doesn't come up in the Jow search bar, you can manually add this ingredient and we will do the rest of the work for you 💪

Our Food Team has set up an alert and will see when there are "new" ingredients added to the app. You add it on your end - we'll make it official on ours ;-)

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