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🍝 What is Jow?

Jow is a weekly meal planning and grocery app that recommends recipes and orders ingredients and other goods for pickup or delivery from your favorite nearby store. We take the stress out of cooking and shopping and help you prepare and enjoy easy, delicious meals at home.

💸 How does Jow help me save money?

Talking about money can be weird, but not to us. Times are crazy right now and saving anywhere you can makes a big difference. Jow helps you save money in a few ways.

  • When you add a recipe to your cart, Jow only fills your shopping list with the quantities required for the recipe, so you’re only buying what you need #byefoodwaste not #buyfoodwaste

  • We also have a filter if you only want to see the cheapest items

  • You can easily add and remove grocery items based on what you already have in your pantry (we’re not really the “upselling” type)

  • When you shop through Jow, you’re not tempted by the candy aisle :-)

  • Time is money, right? Instead of getting in the car, driving to the store, walking inside, getting a cart, etc. etc. etc., Jow creates your menu plan and allows you to shop for your groceries from anywhere (yep, even at a baseball game, swim meet, or airport terminal).

📝 Can I create and save a shopping list without a Grocer account?

Yes! You can create a shopping list without ordering by using a social account (Apple, Google, or Facebook login) 🎉🎉🎉

To do this,

  • log into your preferred social account within the Jow app,

  • then choose the number of recipes you want to make.

  • Tap Let's go!

During your onboarding, you would have already specified your household size, your kitchen equipment, and your dietary preferences. Create your menu either using our personalized recommendations or searching for recipes.

Voila! You can then use this list to do your shopping in-store and check off items as you add them to your cart. Once you have checked off all the items, click on "I'm done shopping" to save your menu to your Jow account. You can come back here when you're ready to cook and enjoy your delicious recipes! 😋

📦 Is Jow a meal kit?

No, but we get that a lot 💁‍♀️

We’re a meal planning + recipe + grocery + home essentials + saving you time & money app brought to you by people who love dad jokes and karaoke!

👽 What makes Jow different from other recipe & grocery services?

What sets Jow apart from other recipe and grocery services begins with its origin story rooted in a father's desire to provide his children with quick and convenient homemade meals. Recognizing the time-consuming nature of meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking, he developed the Jow app to address these challenges.

Jow customizes weekly menus based on your tastes and even builds your shopping list with the exact ingredients and quantities you need (no more, no less!)You can also add home essentials too for quick and easy household shopping, giving you more time for the most important things in life: family, friends, and good food!

🕐 How does Jow save me time?

Jow saves you time by answering that age-old question “What’s for dinner?” Not only do we get you to a decision faster and more easily, but we put together your grocery list, let you include other home essentials, and where available, help you place that order with your local grocer where you can pick it up or have it delivered (where available). We save you time at home too, as each recipe takes under 30 minutes to cook.

🎅 How to make my shopping list (and why you should check it twice)

When you enter the app, select how many meals you’d like Jow to select for you (the default is 5) and click “Let’s Go!”

We’ll suggest delicious recipes based on your preferences or you can search our catalogue of thousands of recipes.. When you’re happy with your menu, click “Create my grocery list”.

We’ll place everything you need in your cart and give you the opportunity to shop the shelves of your local grocery store to add whatever additional ingredients and household items you need (i.e. ice cream, wine, and Kleenex).

Make sure to double check your list when you’re ready to check out because once you are redirected to your preferred grocer, you won’t be able to edit the cart within the Jow app (but don’t worry, you can still edit it through your grocer if need-be).

⚖️ How to change unit of measurement

You can toggle between US and Metric by going to your account settings (the little person icon). Account settings > Display settings > Measure units.

🛒 What grocery stores can I link to Jow?

At the moment, Jow is currently integrated with HEB and Kroger (and subsidiaries).

HEB users may checkout within the Jow app, while Kroger users will be directed to checkout with Kroger once their cart is finalized in the Jow app.

💸 How much does Jow cost?

At this time, Jow is free for all users! However, users are responsible for any delivery and service fees charged by the grocer. You will have an opportunity to view those fees before placing your order.

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