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📝 Can I create and save a shopping list without a Grocer account?

Yes! You can create a shopping list without ordering by using a social account (Apple, Google, or Facebook login) 🎉🎉🎉

To do this,

  • log into your preferred social account within the Jow app,

  • then choose the number of recipes you want to make.

  • Tap Let's go!

During your onboarding, you would have already specified your household size, your kitchen equipment, and your dietary preferences. Create your menu either using our personalized recommendations or searching for recipes.

Voila! You can then use this list to do your shopping in-store and check off items as you add them to your cart. Once you have checked off all the items, click on "I'm done shopping" to save your menu to your Jow account. You can come back here when you're ready to cook and enjoy your delicious recipes! 😋

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