What does a food app do on their 5th birthday? 

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Think back to your 5th birthday: cake, family, friends. It’s your day! That’s not all too different from how we are feeling as we celebrate five years of food, fun, and festivities… we’re taking a look back at all we have done. And now, we want to share a little bit about our journey through the years with you. 

The Jow Journey: From “What’s for dinner?” to 150+ million meals served.

It feels like yesterday that Jow burst onto the scene, armed with nothing but a new dad who needed some help in the cooking department and an idea. 

The idea? Meal planning and grocery shopping all in one app called Jow - a culinary companion, grocery guru, best friend in the kitchen. 

Key moments in Jow’s History:

2018: Our first grocery partnership with…

…Monoprix! Monoprix is a large grocery chain in France. This was the beginning of something amazing. We’d go from one grocery store who believed in our little app to partnering with the largest grocery chains in France in a matter of months. 

2020: We helped thousands of people eat well

Life began to look really different in 2020, but we worked together to make Jow accessible and easy to use, so people all over France could easily plan their dinners and get the groceries they needed - safely and quickly. 

2021: We grew to over 1,000,000 Jow users!

With a small team of employees in Paris, we were blown away by how much Jow was able to help people get food on the table - while saving time and money. This had us thinking… how many other people could Jow help?

2022: We launched in the USA

Meal planning can be so stressful. We know this. We want to make it as joyful as humanly possible to as many people as possible so we set our sights on the USA and launched our app with a Kroger integration available in 35 states.

Let's Celebrate Jow-Style!

Now, what's a birthday without a little celebration? 

We’d love to hear how Jow has helped you. Share your creations with us on social media using the hashtag #JowTurns5 

Here's to another 5 (and many more) delicious years!

As we raise our virtual forks to Jow on its 5th anniversary, let's savor the journey so far and look forward to all of the adventures ahead.

Cheers to easy meal planning, stress-free grocery shopping, and a culinary community that feels like home. And to the people at Jow – and the app that turned our kitchens into stages and us into the meal planning rockstars we always knew we could be!

Happy 5th birthday, Jow! 🎂🎈