Now you can add your own recipes to Jow!

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Meet our newest feature: My Personal Recipes! Now you can make shopping with Jow even more personalized by adding your own custom recipes to your profile and shopping them again and again.

Add your own recipes on Jow and order the ingredients like magic in 1 click!

You are the boss!

🍒Cherry on top: you can also share your creations with your loved ones to impress & delight your friends and family with your cooking prowess.

How does it work?

Add your recipe

It’s really simple. All you have to do is upload your recipes on Jow. Here’s how:

Go to the "My recipes'' category of your Jow profile to add a new recipe. Follow the prompts and fill in your recipe details like: a title, ingredients, quantities and instructions. Don’t forget a beautiful photo taken by you ;-)

Order them in 1 click!

Once your recipes are uploaded, you can order them just like you would any other Jow recipe. Add your recipes to your menu and Jow takes care of adding all the necessary ingredients (in the right quantities!) to your basket.

Share your recipes with your loved ones

By sharing your recipes with your loved ones, you allow them to add your homemade recipes to their favorites and order them! You can share a link to your recipe and your friend can save it by “favoriting” it! (Just tell them to click the little heart button!)  Then they can find it again in their favorites from the Time to Cook page in the app.

It’s that easy! :-) 

As a final note, your recipes will only be seen by you unless you share them. They are not accessible by the public on the app! 

There you have it! Head on over to your profile and the “My personal recipes” section to start uploading your favorite recipes!