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Ready to become food-famous? With Jow's new My Personal Recipes feature, you can become a Jow Star by sharing your own recipes on the app. You may get featured on our blog, socials, and even earn $!

Editor’s Choice recipes on Jow: What are they?

You’ve probably heard the big news by now, but just in case–you’re now able to add your own recipes to the Jow app and order your ingredients in 1 click! Now it’s possible to create and share as many recipes as you want with your friends and family :-)  To celebrate the arrival of the awesome new feature we call “My Personal Recipes”, we want to share the success of Jow with our community!

Our goal is simple: build the best cooking app ever and help you earn money for sharing your recipes. If your personal recipe on the app gets a lot of likes, you can get paid! A great way to earn some extra cash just for cooking ;) Every month, the Jow team will choose our favorite community recipes and share them here and on our social media. For each Editor’s choice recipe chosen, the creator will earn $100 of groceries (yes, you read that right!).

How can I be chosen?

Each month, discover the Editor’s Choice recipes from the community. Get some new recipe inspiration from other Jow users!

Your turn! Add your favorite recipes to Jow and you might be our next Editor’s Choice ❤️

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