Help! My family is tired of everything I cook!

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Are you performing for a tough crowd that's not exactly receptive to your meal planning? No worries—we've all been there! The good news is that you can break free from this monotony by selecting recipes that match your personal skill and taste levels. Here are 5-8 tips to help you do just that:

📝 Assess Your Cooking Skills.

First and foremost, take an honest look at your cooking abilities. Are you a beginner or an experienced home cook? Knowing your skill level is crucial when choosing recipes. This process is important, as adjusting your expectations will lead you to select the right meal or cooking project.

🔎 Identify Your Preferred Cuisine:

Do you cook dishes related to your family's culture? Are there collected recipes written on notecards from Mom's kitchen that you still use? Identifying dishes and cuisines that we associate with good memories is just another way to come up with dishes you and your loved ones are guaranteed to enjoy.

📏 Consider Dietary Restrictions:

If you have a household with mixed dietary needs or specific health restrictions, take these into consideration by exploring existing materials on cooking according to these limitations. Your meal plan might not look the same, but it's certainly worth including treats to look forward to!

⏰ Time Constraints:

Take into account how much time you have to prepare dinner on a particular day. Similar to assessing your cooking skills, this step ensures that your expectations are aligned with what's really possible within the time constraints you're working with. With this in mind, you're more likely to feel a sense of success.

✍️ Personalize Your Dishes:

Even if you're spending more time than you want to in the kitchen, a lack of variety or fun in a meal plan can turn mealtime into a drag even faster than normal. For some this might seem a no-brainer, but you will find yourself enjoying mealtime more if you intentionally include things you enjoy in them.

🤨 Strategy Over Spontaneity:

Wanting to cook intuitively and exuberantly is certainly an admirable goal, but it's ultimately important to remember your limitations when dinner's on the line. If you're a creative type who loves to cook, consider separating creative projects and day-to-day meals to keep things easy and breezy on weeknights. 

🧡 Use Jow:

If you want to cook the way you've always wanted, Jow can plan your meals for you. Instead of spending excess time planning meals in the moment, use Jow to plan your menu and ensure you'll have tasty, easy, wholesome meals all week long.

Ultimately, if you're short on time, we know that what's most important is improving efficiency in the kitchen. If you don't have the time to become a whiz at cooking but still want to eat homemade dinners, Jow is more than up to the task! 💪🤨