Dinner Recipes: 30 Minutes Recipes For Dinner Tonight

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It’s not easy (or fun!) figuring out what to make for dinner, especially when you’ve got 100 other things to do or hungry kids or are just pressed for time. Planning out meals takes a lot of time, effort, and thought that doesn’t always fit into your daily schedule, making takeout seem all too tempting. That’s why this collection of quick, easy dinner recipes is really handy for anyone who needs ideas fast!

This list will provide you with some delicious but speedy recipes for dinner. JOW specializes in under 30-minute recipes, and we test all of our creations to ensure that we’re providing the best combinations for you and your family. Each of these recipes can be crafted quickly enough that you’ll be saying “dinner is served” before your kids or partner can ask, “what’s for dinner?”

Check out these easy dinner ideas, and get ready to savor the flavor!

Farfalle Salad

This light, fresh and healthy salad is a surefire success for any weeknight dinner. An ideal side dish, or main event, for any dinner and is best suited for two or more people. Most importantly, it’s a quick meal that’s a perfect last-minute creation!

This dish takes only five minutes of preparation time and nine minutes of cook time. But the final result creates a filling meal that packs a punch.

You’ll need farfalle pasta (although any kind will work for this), courgette, almond flakes (optional), arugula salad, goat cheese, and pesto sauce for this one.

We think this Farfalle Salad will become a regular staple in your personal cookbook thanks to its easy and delicious reputation!

Chicken Tikka Masala Express

For a quick but healthy and hearty dinner, try this fantastic recipe for Chicken Tikka Masala (express, since it’s so fast to create). The scrumptious spicy chicken over a bed of rice and sauce makes for a dangerously tasty meal made with only two minutes of preparation time and fifteen minutes of cook time!

For this tikka masala, you’ll need to go shopping for white rice, chicken cutlets, and tikka masala sauce. JOW will create an optimized shopping list for you based on the number of people in your household, so shopping can be just as simple as your meal preparation. 

This quick chicken tikka masala will blow your mind, especially when you realize how easy it was to make!

Homemade Honey Goat Cheese Pizza

For something that’ll feed more mouths but still save on time, you can’t go wrong with a delicious homemade pizza! This Homemade Honey and Goat Cheese Pizza is a fan favorite that’ll be sending your taste buds to the moon.

This robust, mouth-watering pizza pie has a prep time of only five minutes and a bake time of about ten, making it an easy, breezy meal to throw together for dinner. Best of all, you can use any leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch—because the only thing better than pizza right out of the oven is cold pizza the next day. 

We chose light, fresh ingredients for this honey goat cheese pizza: dried rosemary, honey, and fresh goat cheese.

After the pizza comes out of the oven, let it cool before slicing it and eating. No need to burn the roof of your mouth, just wait a minute!

Lemon Salmon Pasta

Are you a fan of rich pasta dishes? How about salmon? Then prepare yourself for this next dish because it’s just for you! This incredible-tasting Lemon Salmon Pasta is too good to be true, with a prep time of only three minutes and a cook time of 11 minutes. Get ready to meet your next favorite dinner!

The ingredients for this one require you to get pappardelle pasta, clotted cream, parmesan cheese, a little bit of lemon, and some smoked salmon.  

Et voilà! Your next-level pasta in under 30 minutes is ready to go. 

If you want to add another level, consider adding some sauteed spinach or mushrooms for a veggie-rich dinner. 

Tomato & Avocado Shakshuka

An inventive healthy dinner recipe is this amazing Tomato and Avocado Shakshuka. With only three minutes of prep time and eight minutes of cook time, our recipe is yet another fantastic option for anyone looking for a quick and delicious meal.

Gather fresh tomatoes, one egg for protein, avocado, feta cheese, yellow onion, paprika, a bit of fresh coriander, and garlic, which is all easy for you to get, thanks to JOW’s optimized shopping lists.

Tomato and Avocado Shakshuka will become a new family favorite in no time. 

Feta and Spinach Frittata

You can prepare this Feta and Spinach Frittata recipe in about 30 minutes for a tasty, filling, and satisfying breakfast, brunch, or dinner. Even better, you can add this frittata to a special breakfast-for-dinner night that your family will cherish forever.

Collect spinach, eggs, and feta with JOW, and combine to create an egg-filled delight that tastes as good as it looks. Who knew three ingredients could make such a satisfying meal? 

The only thing more impressive than this frittata’s wonderful taste is how quickly you can make it. We recommend serving this treat with a small green salad, but it’s just as wonderful all on its own. 

Shrimp Blanquette

Voyage to the south of France with this quick and easy Shrimp Blanquette. In French gastronomy, “blanquette” refers to a white meat served in white sauce. 

This 26-minute recipe combines cooked shrimp—the other, other white meat—with mushrooms and heavy cream for a new take on a European favorite. 

Adding in other goodies like veggies and lemon juice takes an already-tasty dish to the next level. 

Turkey with Chestnuts and Homemade Mash

Turkey isn’t just for Thanksgiving. Although this fall favorite may conjure memories of hours-long Thanksgiving meal preparation and labor-intensive cooking, JOW’s Turkey with Chestnuts and Homemade Mash can be made in only 20 minutes.

Whether you’re looking for a festive November dinner or a hearty summer treat, your family will love this combination of browned chestnuts, creamy mashed potatoes, and perfectly juicy chicken. 

Best of all, this meal is easy enough to make that you can enjoy a luxurious dinner solo on nights when you’re looking for a little me-time. 

Shrimp Ramen

Shrimp and ramen are beloved apart, but they’re even better together.

Ramen is well-known as a quick and easy meal, but it isn’t always the most nutritious option for you and your family. This Shrimp Ramen recipe adds healthy shrimp and coconut milk for a filling twist on this classic dish, and a dash of curry paste adds a satisfying kick the whole family will love.

With two minutes of prep and five of cooking, this dish is incredibly quick, easy, and addicting. 

30 Minutes or Less

Sometimes, there aren’t enough hours in the day. With JOW, your busiest days can become easier than ever thanks to our handy and speedy recipes. Don’t worry about how to fit dinner into your schedule—you can create healthy, delicious meals for the whole family in 30 minutes or less.

Each of these recipes is tailor-made to satisfy your cravings without consuming your entire night. Whether you’re cooking for yourself or for someone else, these fantastic foods will be sure to satisfy.

Instead of sacrificing taste for time or vice versa, JOW’s meals under 30 are just as delicious as a dish that takes twice as long. See for yourself the difference JOW can make.