JOW - Recipe: Gnocchi with ham & cheese

Gnocchi with ham & cheese

Upgrade your gnocchi with some ham and cheese!

4 minutesPrep time
14 minutesCook time
449kcalPer serving



Step 1

Preheat the oven to 400°F. On medium-high heat, add a teaspoon of butter to a frying pan.

Gnocchi (pan-fry)

Step 2

Cook the gnocchi until golden brown (around 2 - 3 minutes).

Step 3

Once the gnocchi are golden brown, add 2-3 tablespoons of water, cover and cook for 1 minute.

Comté cheese

Step 4

Meanwhile, cut the cheese in thin strips and chop the chives.

Gnocchi (pan-fry)

Step 5

Transfer the cooked gnocchi to an oven-safe dish.

Comté cheese

Step 6

Top with shredded pieces of ham and the cheese. Season with salt and pepper and mix.

Step 7

Bake for 10 minutes.


Step 8

Add the chopped chives just before serving. Enjoy!

Nutrition facts

Average estimated amount for one serving


On average, one serving of the recipe "*Gnocchi with ham & cheese *" contains 449 Energy, 17 g of Fat, 50 g of Carbohydrates, 21 g of Protein.

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