JOW - Recipe: Banana Bread

Banana Bread

A delicious breakfast, snack, or dessert that you'll go bananas for!

10 minutesPrep time
50 minutesCook time
295kcalPer serving

Ingredients for 1 bread


Cane sugar
All-purpose flour
almond flour
Baking powder

Step 1

Preheat the oven to 350°F. In a bowl, add the flour, sugar, almond flour, baking powder (or baking soda) and a pinch of salt. Mix to combine.


Step 2

In another bowl, mash the bananas. Tip: The riper they are, the better so don't be afraid to use black bananas!


Step 3

Add the eggs and melted butter to the mashed bananas. Mix and add it little by little to the dry mixture.

Step 4

Grease your cake pan and pour in the batter.

Step 5

Optional: you can personalize your banana bread by adding chocolate chips, almonds, hazelnuts, or chopped banana on top to decorate.

Step 6

Bake for 50 minutes. Use a toothpick to check that it's cooked throughout. Serve cold or at room temperature. It's even better the next day! Enjoy!

Nutrition facts

Average estimated amount for one serving

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