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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 How do I share my personal recipe?

Sharing your personal recipe is easy :-)

The personal recipes that you add to Jow are completely private and can only be seen by you... unless you share them! Sharing the link to your recipe allows your friends and family to favorite your recipe and even order it through the Jow app.

To easily find your recipe, tell your friends & family to add your recipe to their favorites when you share it with them.

To share your recipe:

  • Your recipe must be complete: all areas of the recipe must be completed including an uploaded photo, instructions, servings, ingredients, etc.

  • To share, go to the recipe page and share via the "Share" button under the recipe title!

  • Select how you'd like to share your recipe!

  • Tell your friends and family members to favorite the recipe to save it!

  • That's it :-)

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