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📗 Where can I find the recipe cards for my last order?

In order to find the recipes you ordered, you can go to the "What's cooking" section, the 2nd tab. You will find all the recipes you have chosen during your previous orders and for each one, the step-by-step process and instructional videos! In this section, you will also find your favorites and articles from the JOW blog!

⚠️: make sure to validate your order directly on the JOW application to find all your recipes and not on your merchant's application.

🍰 Where can I Find the Desserts?

You can find our delicious desserts by typing "Dessert" in the search bar on the “What's cooking” page and when you choose your dishes.

The path to get there from menu creation is simple:

● Click on "Add a New Dish."

● Go to the "Dessert" category

● Now treat yourself!

🥗 I’d like to have the calorie count per dish

You’ll find the calorie count on each recipe card. The calorie display is shown per serving, so no matter how many servings your recipe has this number will show the value for one individual meal.

As good news never comes alone, we have also added the nutritional values of the recipes at the bottom of the page. Click on the calories icon to be quickly redirected to the nutritional values table.

🥝 I’d like to Note the Foods I dislike or am Allergic to

We are actually working on this subject and we are thinking about integrating the possibility of listing foods to be excluded.

When you create your menu at JOW, you can adapt the recipe according to your wishes by changing certain foods. To do so, click on an ingredient to choose another brand or reference that you like or delete the food and replace it by another one in the "More" tab.

Moreover, you can also filter some recipes by updating your tastes in "my account" > "my personal info" > "my tastes" 😊

📚 Can I Print Recipes?

Right now, you can only print recipes from the JOW website, but we are thinking about solutions that would allow us to integrate this function on the application as well.

To print your recipe, select the associated card from the tab “What's cooking”, then find the “Print” button in the box above the list of ingredients.

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